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Using Web Parts

After .wsp solution is installed and deployed in sandbox or on a farm a new feature will be available on site collection level. You must be Site Collection Administrator in order to be able to activate the feature:

1. Go to: Site Actions -> Site Settings
2. Click on: Site Collection Administration -> Site Collection Features
3. Click on: M4W - Feature -> Activate

Please also note that if you deploy the solution into sandbox and activate it, the feature will also be activated. In this case steps 1, 2, 3 listed above can be skipped.

Once the feature is activated M4W Web Parts will show under M4W category and you will be able to insert M4W web part to your page:


By default web parts connect to Announcements list. Modify web part configuration to connect it to a different list, select number of tabs and sort order. List Fields are columns that will be displayed by web part. First filed is the tab, second is the body. Both fields can take rich text as well as plain text:


You can link to a list by name or using full URL.

Multiple web parts can be used on the same page. Each web part has its own configuration:


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