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Uninstalling Web Parts

To uninstall M4W web parts:

1. Deactivate M4W Site Collection Feature:

Go to: Site Actions -> Site Settings
Click on: Site Collection Features -> M4W -> Deactivate

Deactivating the feature removes web part from site collection gallery but it does not delete /m4w library. The reason for not deleting the library automatically on feature deactivation is because this library is shared by all M4W web parts to store javascript and other resources. You may also want to customize scripts in M4W library to apply your custom styles to menu4web. Therefore automatic deletion would not be good as it would erase your customizations.

2. Manually Delete M4W Library:

Go to: Site Actions -> View All Site Content
Click on: M4W -> Library Settings -> Delete this document library

3. Deactivate and Delete M4W Solution

Go to: Site Actions -> Site Settings
Click on: Solutions -> M4W.WebPart.2010 ->Deactivate -> Delete

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