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Main Methods

m4w.m(id,div,tbl,style) - creates menu
id - menu id
div - menu div extension
tbl - menu table extension
style - menu style including shortcuts

m4w.i(id,im,a,open,td,tbl) - creates menu item
id - menu id
im - item id
a - item link
open - id of submenu to be opened when over this item
td - item cell extension
tbl - item table extension

m4w.e(id,im,el,co,td) - creates menu element
id - menu id
im - item id
el - element id
co - element content
td - element cell extension

m4w.draw() - draws menus

Additional Methods

m4w.iOver(id,im) - triggers menu item over action
id - menu id
im - item id

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