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menu4web is lightweight javascript code for creating dynamic menus on web sites. It provides m4w.js library which includes methods to create drop-down, pop-up, right-click and other dynamic behaviors. It also includes several working examples of menus.

menu4web is free. It can be freely distributed and modified under MIT licence. The only requirement of MIT is that a copyright reference is kept with the library.

Main difference of menu4web to other solutions I have seen on the web is that it takes “normalized” approach to structuring the menu. Each menu is a “square” which contains unlimited number of other “squares”. It is implemented by div containing a table which has cells and each cell has tables nested. So each menu can have many items and each item has many elements.

Other menus I have seen just give a place for image and text and maybe another image. menu4web is not limited to how many “squares” you can combine together. What you put inside the “squares” is up to you: text, images, html code, etc.

“Normalization” is also a reason why m4w.js is small. Minified m4w.js is 9K.

You can download examples package to run on your computer. This is simple javascript and html which will run in all major browsers. It does not require any server side support.

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