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Global functions have been removed from the library. If you want to continue using procedural notation the functions have to be added to your code:

function wmM(id, div, tbl, style) { return m4w.m(id, div, tbl, style); }
function wmI(id, im, a, open, td, tbl) { return m4w.i(id, im, a, open, td, tbl); }
function wmE(id, im, el, co, td) { return m4w.e(id, im, el, co, td); }
function wmDraw() { return m4w.draw(); }
function iOver(id, iid) { return m4w.iOver(id, iid); }

The functions simply return corresponding methods of m4w object.

It is preferable to use object notation and call m4w methods directly. Use procedural notation only for small sites.

Main Functions

wmM(id,div,tbl,style) - creates menu
id - menu id
div - menu div extension
tbl - menu table extension
style - menu style including shortcuts

wmI(id,im,a,open,td,tbl) - creates menu item
id - menu id
im - item id
a - item link
open - id of submenu to be opened when over this item
td - item cell extension
tbl - item table extension

wmE(id,im,el,co,td) - creates menu element
id - menu id
im - item id
el - element id
co - element content
td - element cell extension

wmDraw() - draws menus

Additional Functions

iOver(id,im) - triggers menu item over action
id - menu id
im - item id

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