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Downloadable file includes the following examples:

Common Menus

Simple Horizontal - typical horizontal menu.
Simple Vertical - typical vertical menu.
Multilevel - multilevel menu.

Image Based Menus

Just Images - built entirely from images.
Images and Arrows - images and more arrows images.
Images and Text - combination of images and text.

Functionality Highlights

Keepalive - using keepalive attribute.
Opendirection - forcing opendirection.
Elements - idle and item over states.
Openonclick - opening items on click.
Rightclick Popup - context sensitive menu.
Over Select - over select element.
Vertical Tabs - nothing in global namespace.
Square - menu positioning.


World Map - dynamic positioning and html content.
Flower - background images and opendirection.
Tabs - borders and menu item width.
Like Tabs - borders and no calculations.
Keepalive Tabs - keepalive and positioning.
Multione - multiple menus on one page.
Clicky - open on-click and right-click.
Limber - keepalive, static and openonclick.
Multicolumn - rich html content.

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