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M4W - Alert Me Multi

M4W - Alert Me Multi web part allows to create alerts on multiple lists and libraries from single user interface.


To make the web part available on your site first add and deploy M4W.WP.AlertMeMulti.2010.wsp solution to your web application. After that got to Site Collection Features and activate M4W - WP: Alert Me Multi feature.


The web part will be available to be added to pages under M4W category.


Under web part setting you can modify several parameters.

List Names or URLs - you can connect to lists and libraries by name, URL or view. For example:

Shared Documents - by name
http://server/Documents - by URL
http://server/mp/test/Lists/Calendar/FutureEvents.aspx - by view

In case if view is entered, filter used in the view will be also applied to user alert.

Alert Title Prefix - will show under alert name when it is created.
Event - alert event.
Notifications Frequency - e-mail frequency.
Align - alignment.


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