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Project Description

menu4web - free javascript menu and sharepoint web parts

m4w.js Library

Good way to start with menu4web is to go to and get menu4web examples ( file. Extract it into a folder on your computer and run index.html. This is just JavaScript. It does not require any server side support.


M4W Web Parts

M4W Web Parts designed to read items from a SharePoint list and display them in menu4web format.

M4W 2010 web parts can be installed as sandbox solutions. The web parts are easy to deploy and configure. SharePoint sanbox provides least risky and controlled usage of web parts.

M4W 2010 web parts also work in SharePoint 2013. However "Minimal Download Strategy" feature has to be deactivated on a site.


M4W AlertMe Web Parts

M4W - Alert Me web part allows to create one-click alert on a single list or library. M4W - Alert Me Multi creates multiple alerts on several lists. The web parts can connect to local lists or views as well as those on different sub sites or site collections.


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